Central Bank of Ireland announce their preferred buyer and sell off their old premises today to Texas Vulture Fund Heins and their partners, even when they didn’t have to, remember this is a state asset which as far as I know there was no one knocking on the door to repossess the building but there are always exceptions they do need  to cover their rears on the amount of money they are spending on their new digs on the Liffey near the Point Depot.



But What is not reported to-day is the plaza is now sold, we have just saw the sale of public space in our city, and without any consultation of local or national Government a so called independent body has sold off pubic space.

Included in the sale of the CBOI building for an estimated 100 million but no comment has been made of the fact the public space surrounding the Iconic Central Bank Building is also sold.

This public space will now come under pressure to be developed. At one point the business man, Richard Branson, was touted to be interested in the bank building as a hotel venture, this would not be surprising as the company Heins the new owner of the building European headquarters is in London.


The Texas Vulture Fund Heins along with their partners Petersons will no doubt waste no time to develop this site and we will in the near future see tremendous pressure on the Planning authority to pass plans to build on this space for more retail.

Last November Dublin City Councillor’s passed unanimously Cllr.Andrew Keegan’s motion to instruct DCC management to safe guard the Dame Street Bank Plaza from Development for the people of Dublin. Lets see if we can keep our open spaces for the people and not for the greedy.


The graphic below shows exactly what has been sold on behalf of the Irish People.


Central Bank really has lost the run of itself but now the deed is done.

CBOI new offices is a vanity project and they needed a big return on their old offices.

CBOI new offices are costing 180 million with a lot of waste of money for what are essentially offices for civil servants with puffed up egos.

CBOI new offices boast over 30 large bathrooms four on each floor with taps costing over 1000 euros each.

State of the art Corian Trough sinks which would not look out of place in any 5 star hotel costing over three and half thousand Euros.

And this is only the bathrooms.

A Ground Source Heat Pump costing over a million Euros was just capped over because they changed their mind.

State of the Art lighting, expensive super structure and the list goes on with the waste of money on this vanity project.

So it is no wonder the CBOI has to flog off the Central Bank of Ireland offices in Dame Street to the highest bidder. With their final bill for their new home coming in at 180 million they need to compensate for their largess by selling the iconic buildings on Dame Street and its Plaza.

We can indulge our central bankers but not the housing crisis.

At a time when the Gov.  say they can’t build homes a government institution responsible for financial regulation wastes millions of Euros building a vanity project on the banks of the Liffey.

It just beggars belief that we have to suffer the rape and pillage of our country in the name of Neoconservative Capitalism but hey we did vote them in but did someone mention to our right wing TDs that they shouldn’t forget the fact it is us they are supposed to represent and not big business.